edb-as11-pgsnmpd - SNMPD for EnterpriseDB Advanced Server

License: Proprietary
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for supervising
the apparatus connected to the network via a network.
The version 1 of SNMP is defined by RFC1157 and the version 2 is carried
out by RFC1441.

Network management by SNMP is realized by the UDP communication between
a manager and the agent who resides in the apparatus for management
permanently. An agent returns a response to the request from a manager.
when special phenomena apparatus rebooted occur, a trap is sent to a
manager from an agent.

MIB (Management Information Base) is the database of the management
information about the network apparatus which exists in the network
apparatus corresponding to SNMP. The thing of each management information
stored in MIB is called object (Object).OID (Object IDentifier),it is the
discernment child rejected in order to distinguish each object,and is also
called an object discernment child. the object is managed by the tree

Community name is the exchange between a manager and an agent, and has a
role like a password. That is, if the right community name is not specified
when publishing a request from a manager to an agent, in an agent side,
it will be interpreted as unlawful access.


edb-as11-pgsnmpd-1.0-4.rhel7.ppc64le [55 KiB] Changelog by Talha Bin Rizwan (2016-05-31):
- Change installation location from /usr/ppas-<version> to /usr/edb/as<version>
- Rebrand the RPMs to use new naming convention

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