edb-as11-server-core - The core programs needed to create and run a EnterpriseDB Advanced Server

License: Proprietary
The edb-as11-server-core package includes the programs needed to create
and run an EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EDBAS) which will in turn allow
you to create and maintain EDBAS databases. EDBAS is an advanced
Object-Relational database management system (DBMS) that supports
almost all SQL constructs (including transactions, subselects and
user-defined types and functions). You should install
edb-as11-server-core if you want to create and maintain your own
EDBAS databases and/or your own EDBAS server. You also need
to install the EDBAS-client package.


edb-as11-server-core-11.1.7-1.rhel7.ppc64le [6.0 MiB] Changelog by Hamid Quddus Akhtar (2018-11-15):
- Major version release of v11

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